Connect to yourself and find your individual voice through singing lessons

This approach is suitable for a wide variety of people.

For example it might be for you if you:

-Have tried forms of talk therapy and still feel something is locked or blocked;


-Feel that you are watching yourself experience life rather than truly connecting with the experience;


-Feel unable to use your voice for anything other than talking;


-Have pitching difficulties when you sing;


-Feel your singing is limited in colour and expressive ability;


- Have a very quiet way of expressing yourself in speaking and singing and would like to have access to a wider range of possibilities through a freer more connected sound;


-If you would like to increase your vocal range.

Who am I?

I have a BSc (Hons) in Psychology from the University of Sheffield;

I have a PGCE with a music specialism from The Institute of Education, University of London;

I trained as a singing teacher in Australia;

I am an active member of the British Voice Association;

I was part of a research team at the Sidney de Haan Centre of the Arts and Health at Canterbury University, investigating the effects of group singing on psychological states and cortisol;

And most importantly I have spent much of my adult life working with specialists from many different fields exploring how to release my own voice and have learnt a lot along the way.