Lucy Legg

Singer and Voice Teacher


Based in Camden, North London, I have worked as a singer across the UK, in Europe and as far away as Australia.

As a vocal coach to choirs I provide information on how to develop a good, healthy vocal technique (to avoid symptoms such as sore throat, lost voice, huskiness etc.) as well as helping members to produce a musical performance to the highest standard possible.

As a voice teacher I keep up to date with all the latest research as a member of the British Voice Association which is a cross-disciplinary organisation for everyone working in the field of voice: laryngologists, actors, speech therapists, public speakers and singers of all styles.

Under Performing on this site you can see more of my performing life including stage and

concert work - much of which is with my ensemble Morphosen. You can also see some examples of work at Private Functions.

In Teaching you will find more information about the “Find Your Voice” and “Develop Your Voice” classes that I run which are designed to develop skills such as ‘singing in tune’, ‘reading music’, ‘part singing’ and most importantly ‘confidence’, as well as information about Singing Days and Private Vocal Teaching.