Adult “Develop Your Voice” Groups


Skills that will be developed include:

  1. -pitching - the understanding of intervals between sounds and how they are represented in written music;

  2. -the accurate reading and singing of complex rhythms in relation to on-going pulse;

  3. -the ability to hold a complex musical line alone or with a small group of other singers;

  4. -the understanding of human anatomy as it relates to the production of sound. (What is the vocal instrument?);

  5. -How to maximise the quality of the sound produced.

These classes are designed for adults who would like to sing for fun with other people. A certain amount of musical experience is expected so students may have previously attended the “Find your voice” classes or already belong to a choir, sing with a band or play an instrument.

What is special about this class?

The small group size means that each singer gets personalised help to improve his /her voice.