Private Adult Vocal Tuition


Lucy has been my singing teacher for the last 2 years. During that time she has introduced me to very specific techniques that have brought the standard of my singing to a much higher level.

As an actress and performer I have found Lucy’s voice teaching beneficial not only to my singing technique, but also to my voice work with text on stage.

She works with precision, patience and an acute attention to detail.  She has honed in on my specific weaknesses as a singer and we have worked together over the last two years to strengthen my support mechanism and to release other areas of physical tension that have previously impeded my singing.

Lucy has a talent for identifying the core issues that prevent an individual from releasing their true, authentic sound. Through regular practice, using the exercises Lucy has taught me, my singing voice has expanded and developed the richness and freedom that I was struggling to find elsewhere.

Lucy has a gentle, non-judgemental approach to teaching which has allowed me to feel safe enough to take risks.

I would highly recommend her to beginners as well as the more advanced singer.

A.F. - Private student